Review: First Impressions 3CE Nail Lacquer Haul

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Yes, another 3CE haul. How can I not go to Seoul and pick up a little something from my favourite brand?

In truth, I love going to a salon and getting my nails done especially when the weather is not looking so crash hot outside. Killing a few hours waiting for the rain to stop? Go to a nail salon, especially if they offer a free message in the service – ahh heaven.

Unfortunately, I have yet to experience a nail art treatment since moving to Japan but I hope that will change someday very soon!

In the meantime, I thought I would road test 3CE’s Nail Lacquer polishes when I stopped over at their Garousgil store since I’ve been eyeing them for a while to see how well they stack up.



For colours, I picked up these two staple colours which will suit any occasion, Beige (BE05) and Pink (PK08).

The texture was great on just one application – not too water with good pigmentation. Apply two coats and you’re good to go!



The drying time is on the average side if left alone but I always use a quick drying top coat so I can get on with life without worrying about damaging all that hard work. Who can possibly stay focused to make sure these babies set for a good hour now a days?!


The next ones I also wanted to try was the Grey (GY01) and Ivory White (IV02) since the formula was like a milky tone which was exactly the shade I wanted.

The grey was super cute! I underestimated how nice grey could look on tanned skin but I love it!


DSCF6449 copy

One of the bonus samples was some stick-on nail art stickers which thought I should test them as well!

According to the instructions, after sticking the seal sticker on to your nail you should use the file to file the excess sticker in a downwards motion to cut it to shape. The set also came with a small file which was really helpful!






Here’s the finished result! To be honest after trying these on I’m not a big fan of the nail sticker types. The sticker does not completely laying flat on the nail which created bubbles and just look like you stuck some coloured washi tape rather than actually giving that “painted” nails look. The glue on the back was good though! Very adhesive and stuck well even being under water when I washed my hands.


I guess from far away it’s not too bad but it’s definitely a one day only sort of wear. As you can tell from the side angle of my right hand, I didn’t file the sticker perfectly which caused some rough teared edges to appear. In the end I just took it off haha.

Final Thoughts: I love these nail polishes! They are really good quality and I love their shades!

I’m a bit sad about how nail stickers look in real life. The images on the internet make them look like a great substitute for inexpensive nail art but after seeing what the results were in the flesh, I definitely prefer a painted nail look.

Until Next Time!




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