Review: iPhone – 50000mAh Powerbank

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Stylish PowerBank

The Verdict

If you're anything like me your phone is below 50% battery before half the day is over, so you need a Powerbank and a good one.

If you're unsure about which Powerbank to buy this review should be able to help!

  • Design
  • Long Lasting
  • Customer Service & Shipping
  • Value for Money


Sleek and lightweight, this powerbank is perfect for when you’re on the go.  A great size to fit snug into your handbag, this powerbank comes in a stylish white colour. With two additional USB ports as well as a micro USB output, this is the perfect powerbank if you need to charge multiple items on the go.  Best of all, it recharges super fast which significantly helps reduce the likelihood of ever running out of battery! 

On the flip side, the powerbank is slightly heavier than other products on the market. It also comes with 2 LED lights which can be switched on and off, however I couldn’t really find a use for that feature.


With 50000mAh of POWAAAA this powerbank is by far the longest lasting that I have ever used, which means longer battery life for me!  I have always been quite disappointed with how little powerbanks have actually recharged my phone.  More often than not I find the powerbank dies before being able to recharge my phone significantly.   I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of iphonecase’s powerbank.

Customer Service and Shipping

Dealing with iphonecases was so pleasant.  The staff were friendly and very prompt with their handling as well as email replies.  As a result, shipping was super fast and I received my product in two days!  Record time!

Value for Money

Compared to in store prices in Australia, this Powerbank is priced around the same as others. To give you an idea of pricing, I bought a 40000mAh Powerbank for around about the same price of $39.90.  This Powerbank however is slightly better value offering 50000mAh.

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*Please note this product was provided to The Hidden Thimble for this review.

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