Review: Vision Direct – Moschino Eyewear

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// Sunglasses: Moschino c/o Vision Direct //

There’s a frame for every face. Well, I guess you can say that is a half truth.

I would like to argue that not all faces are blessed with the versatile symmetry a perfect carved frame can demand in the growing world of eyewear. Out with the skinny and in with the new thick frame shapes, it’s a challenge that seems to bring out the strongest of emotions when you realize, it was just not meant for you.

But there is always that one pair that will make your heart beat a little faster, to stop and consider that behind its mirrored sheen, will uncover a Bright Young Thing in you just hiding behind some shaded designer bliss, and your half baked hope when you find one juuust right for you revives all over again.

Interestingly, the pointed cat eye can work for this edgier squared jaw of mine but for that speak louder and be bolder statement that has been affectionately synonymous with the Moschino attitude, channeling some hero red will never let an oversized frame hide you.

I am always in search for a frame that will sit comfortably on a wider face shape like mine and the quality of these sunnies sits nicely with no strain to give you that throbbing migraine afterwards. Note: Always very much appreciated.

If you are interested in grabbing a pair or a few different incarnations for your styling pleasure, try Vision Direct and their seriously large online selection of branded specs to take advantage of their handy online features such as virtual try on testing, speedy shipping and health rebate claim options. As far as designer goes, you can expect to see a considerable list of named brands to select from and they stock current 2014 ranges too, I’m was impressed!

So like all the essential reds in your style guide – lipstick, handbag and nails, never overlook that other best accessory in your arsenal no matter how hard the search.

I am, of course talking to the reflection staring back at you through that mirrored sheen.


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