WHATIWEAR Sydney Fashion Blogger Meet!

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Last Saturday was a pretty special day for us at The Hidden Thimble. We only started blogging last October meeting this awesome community that is the blogging sphere and figuring out what the hell fashion “is,” or for that matter what it “can” be, and now, we had the privilege to be a part of a selected few to attend an event for Sydney fashion blogger organised by the lovely people at WhatIWear!

The meeting place was at the recently new Guylian Dessert Café in Darling Harbour. New friends? New dessert place? TOO FREAKN AWESOME!! Unfortunately, Talyssa couldn’t make it to the event (and she really really wanted to be a part of it!). So that left me by myself…alone…GAHH! I’m a recovering introvert yeah! But whatever YOLO! HAHA

So what was the WhatIWear event all about? The opportunity not only gave us a chance to meet with the names and faces behind the website and other long lost fashion friends, but as a fashion social website it was great to hear, plan and socialize how WhatIWear could become the right fashion community for all fashion lovers – and we are their pioneers!

It was so much fun to meet all these lovely ladies! Shy nerves aside, everyone was not only stylish but we bonded together quite well. It was so hectic as well. I didn’t even get to meet the other half of the table properly! I can’t wait to meet everyone again (with Talyssa this time around) :)

So, what did I wear? The theme was to reflect the WhatIWear colours: white, black and orange.

With Karen from meandsunny. She’s so sweet and friendly! Her bag on the day was super cute as well!

Romper: Nasty Gal | Knee socks: Sportsgirl | Necklace: House Of Harlow | Earrings: Bagazimuri | Shoes: Dotti

Yeah my wardrobe lacks the orange but I improvised with my makeup and accessories accents :P I was so happy to have so many compliments on my drip paint/gloomy bear nail art! It was my first time to do them. Also my Farris wheel ring got its fair share of attention lol

The stylish Cassie from Cee Me More. The story behind the name I thought was sweet and funny since it’s something I can relate too ;)

 Now it’s time to meet the awesome team!

L TO R: Margaret from La Petite Mademoiselle,  PixelHazard from Bright Green Laces, Cassie from Cee Me More,  Rachel from Rachel Bambi,  Jessica from Mind Body Shop, Valencia (event organiser) from WhatIWear, Camille from Frilly Skirts, Karen from meandsunny and Ethel from Fashiondiction.

A big thank you to Valencia, the Community Manager of WhatIWear! She came straight from the airport to do the event! Much love! <3
Working like a BOSS
Actually this is what work looked like most the time lol

Working hard!
Follow us! lol
Funny as hell Ethel from Fashiondiction. Love her muchos!
I love this shot even though it’s blurry :) Sorry Karen!! ><

All our thoughts and ideas for the WhatIWear community to be the ideal fashion social space!

Spoils of the day! All the polaroids I stole got :)

I know things will get better and better as we develop our connection to the WhatIWear community and with all the beautiful faces and personalities that made us all pioneers to begin with!  I can’t wait to show everyone what we can do!!

Now, The Hidden Thimble has a WIW account! Follow us here. We’ll be updating our WIW page soon! :D


  1. fdchief218 says

    Congratulations, Siree – and you, too, Talyssa; both for being recognized for your good work and for your networking with WIW. Look forward to seeing you there…

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks John!! I’m just so sad I couldn’t make it :'( But Siree did an amazing job for the both of us :)

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