5 tips on styling MYJS Mix Collection Jewellery

Jewellery without rules!

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‘Great style is a display of each woman’s personality’

Show your personality with MYJS’ new Mix Collection. Playful and creative, this collection gives you the freedom to craft your own unique pieces that match your personal style.  With a variety strands to mix, match and connect together, there’s absolutely no rules other than the ones you create!

Don’t know where to start? See my guide below:

1. Trust your personal style

To get started, choose strands that match your personal style. Do you find yourself drawn to an elegantly simple style? Does a bohemian or romantic style make your heart sing? Does your rock chic style suit your fierce personality perfectly? Whatever it is, choose staple strands that you find yourself naturally drawn to.

TIP: 5 strands are a good place to start, that way you’ll be able to create a few different jewellery variations.
My style is a mix of romantic and edgy, so I choose five strands that I was attracted to the most. I love rose gold, but the bracelets also come in a silver colour. Find links to my picks at the end of this post.

2. Get started with a simple click!

There’s something incredibly freeing about having no rules to your jewellery! MYJS have made their collection with freedom at its core.  Choose from a variety of different strands that connect together and have fun changing your look at any time!

Each strand is approximately 17cm in length and is fitted with magnetic clasps so your standalone bracelet can become a choker, a long necklace or a wrap bracelet!

The MYJS Mix Collection clicks together with a magnetic clasp!
For the above look, I went with an elegant long necklace to keep things simple

3. Experiment with different looks

Connect multiple strands and layer them on top of each other to create a myriad of different looks.

To create a more bohemian feel, I created one long necklace and wrapped it around my wrist to achieve a layered bracelet look.  I also did the same for my ankle.

4. Play with structure

To create a necklace with a bit more structure, combine a few of the same style strands together or alternate between two different strands. To create the doubled choker below, I alternated between two of my favourite strand styles.

Earrings: Rose Gold, Swarovski crystal Bella Earrings paired with a doubled choker necklace. Alternating strands can be found here: Strand One and Strand Two

Another option I love is creating a necklace with only one strand being different to the others.  Use this strand as the “statement” piece of your necklace and feature it in the center of your chest.

TIP: To make your statement strand stand out, accompany it with simpler strands of the same style.
Here I’ve chosen the middle strand to be the hero of the necklace and accompanied it with two of the same strands for consistency.  Connect all three together to create a more structured necklace.

5. Take your jewellery into the Night!

When choosing my strands, I also made sure I had a few glitzy picks in there to glam up my look for a night out.  These pearls added an elegant and glamorous touch to my evening dress.



Find my Mix Collection picks here:

  1. Mix Collection Mixed with Swarovski White Crystal Pearl Rose Gold Plated
  2. Mix Collection Pave Spike with Swarovski Crystals Rose Gold Plated 
  3. Mix Collection Pave Disc with Swarovski Crystals Rose Gold Plated  (x2)
  4. Mix Collection Timeless with Swarovski Black Diamond Crystals Rose Gold Plated
Disclaimer: I was provided a free product in return for an honest review and style guide.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by the developing company, and/or it’s affiliates in any way.


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    What a clever – and lovely – idea!

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    Oh, and I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention how much I LOVE the little wings on your LBD. Dark Lady becomes Dark Angel..!

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    Those jewelry pieces are really beautiful and love your style guide. x

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    Your jewelry looks so delicate and beautiful – love it!

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