Greatly Terrific Food Outing: Eddy’s Ice Cream

Harajuku, Tokyo

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The 'My Little Pony' of ice cream parlours.

Don't have another boring ice cream when you can pretty up your next sugar hit at Eddy's Ice Cream!

We check out the newest ice cream trend to hit Tokyo's beloved fashion street Harajuku to see if our creation will be a 'flavour bomb' or a case of 'style over substance.'

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Targeted for the high school crowd that frequently flock Harajuku’s streets, Eddy’s Ice Cream is just what you would imagine the kids of Arthur would have frequented on their after school adventures. It’s a tiny parlour with a cute pink interior that matches perfectly as the building is also called the “Pink House” and hidden in the quieter side of Harajuku Street.

Inside the parlour during the afternoon is the busiest time with crowds of young girls eager to take a photo with their decked out ice cream creations. Though there are some great little photo spots like the retro pink phone booths around the store, the tiny space leaves not enough room to move freely to take the ultimate Instaworthy shot. Wait your turn, or come earlier when it’s not as chaotic.



Though a handy pre-design menu is provided, at Eddy’s Ice Cream the pleasure comes from the ability to “customise” the ultimate ice cream cone of your dreams.

Not only can you pick what toppings you can have on your one-of-a-kind ice cream but you can also pick the flavour of the soft serve and also the base out of the 12 waffle cone designs they have on display. During the calendar holidays, they also offer a limited edition food and drink menu for the occasion only adding to the fun!

For the month of December, two new ice cream designs were released: a Christmas tree design called “Christmas” and a reindeer theme called “White Bell.” In addition, two new hot drink selections were also released for the cold season.

In the spirit of the season, I chose “Christmas” with the mixed vanilla and strawberry flavoured soft serve as my pick. Although it is very impressive in presentation, the taste isn’t much to brag about. Overall taste-wise, it was a safe Neapolitan ice cream experience.


Christmas – toppings included: a yellow coloured star made of white chocolate, a shortbread butter cookie shaped present, holly leaves and candy cane and a white chocolate covered waffle wreath with Christmas coloured cornflakes. | 1400 yen



As a parlour, the service at Eddy’s Ice Cream was friendly and brief. Just queue up and wait for your order. The orders can also effect the order time as one staff is usually stationed at the front ice cream machine and register while the few staff members at the back also help to cater to orders. Despite this, the orders flow quite fast from start to finish taking usually a few minutes to complete each cone.



For sure Eddy’s Ice Cream is a lot pricer than your general double scoop at Baskin-Robbins but for the elaborate designs, it’s money well spent if your want a pretty looking dessert. Value for flavour though, not so much unfortunately.




東京都渋谷区神宮前4丁目26番28号 Pink house 1F

Tokyo, Shibuya, Meiji-jingumae 4-26-28, Pink house 1F


03 6438 9742

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun: 11am – 20pm

Find Them Here:




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