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Brunch.  This trendy meal of the day has Sydney-siders constantly talking about the most vogue places to get your weekly dose.  And well, they may be right, Foodcraft Espresso, Three Williams and Brewtown Newtown are brilliant!  But I may have found a hidden gem in my neighbourhood that could trump the competition!

Welcome to the little corner cafe that is Gertrude & Petunias.


Setting and Atmosphere

Rating: ★★★


Let your inner Marie Antoinette run free in this Rococo Haute Couture x Victorian Tea House cafe.  Think intricate detail, elegance and glamour.  Every aspect of this cafe adheres to the theme and you can’t help but feel a little upper class when you step inside.

Don’t be fooled by appearances though,  the food is classic with a modern influence and the crowd a mixed bag of delightful elderly couples (sure to cheer up any day ;) ) to modern day hipsters (yes this also includes groups of skinny jeaned guys – you never would have guessed!)

Overall the cafe is small, cosy but not too overcrowded and most importantly, filled with a good bunch of people – the kind that aren’t too loud to ruin the experience.



Rating: ★★★★★

I can’t fault the food I’ve had here.  I’ve been on numerous occasions and every time, everything I have is absolutely delicious.  Basically it’s good food with great flavour combinations.   Browsing the menu, you’ll fall in love.  Everything sounds divine.

My Recommended Dish To Try: Corn Cake Stack


Gertrude and Petunias
Corn Cake Stack: Bacon, Avocado and Tomato Salad, Poached Egg and Maple Syrup || $16

  I can’t even begin to describe how perfect this dish is with its winner ingredient tying everything so perfectly together – maple syrup.  Yes, avocado, bacon, tomato and corn stack explode with flavour once maple syrup is added.  Don’t knock it til you try it. Think chicken waffles vibe, but healthy…er.

Gertrude and Petunias
Strawberry French Toast with Ricotta and Honey  || $14
Egg Breakfast: Poached Egg, Avocado, Tomato and Ricotta served with Toast || $12

A standard breakfast.  Great price.

Pulled Beef Pie: House made || $8

Flakey Pastry, home made and well-seasoned filling. What more could you want from a pie?

Gertrude and Petunias Mocha
Mocha: $4.20

Served in a gigantic tea cup, this mocha will satisfy your cravings.  Not being a coffee fan myself, Gertrude and Petunia’s mocha has the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee.  Rich and decadent.


Rating: ★★★★

Fast, easy service.  Gertrude and Petunia’s it was a pleasure!

Pricing and Value for Money

Rating: ★★★

Compared to most brunch menus, Gertrude and Petunia’s is really reasonable with most dishes setting you back around $12.  The portion size fills you up and the food is excellent quality.

The Details

Where: 61 Todman Avenue, Kensington, Sydney, NSW

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 07:30–16:00  |  Sat – Sun: 07:30 – 15:00

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    The food looks so delicious! I’ll have to remember this for when I visit Sydney one day. Thanks for sharing!


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