GTFO – Greatly Terrific Food Outing: Nook Urban Fresh Bar

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Nook Urban Fresh Bar

Nook Urban Fresh Bar is an oasis bursting with colour, warmth, vibrance and life in the middle of an otherwise stoney CBD.      Amongst the bustling traffic this cafe provides the perfect “nook” to escape from it all and rejuvenate with a hearty, organic feed.

Setting and Atmosphere


Nook Urban Fresh BarNook Urban Fresh BarNook Urban Fresh BarNook Urban Fresh Bar

Wow, this cafe is gorgeous! Everything comes together perfectly to create a farmhouse vibe that is cleverly contrasted with bright and colourful organic food displays.   The natural woodwork compliments the aluminium and antique steel finishes that decorate the cafe.  Everything about the atmosphere compliments the food and helps to created an overall wholesome and natural feel.



Nook Urban Fresh Bar
Sweeten Me Up | Lemon ricotta, honey caramelized fig and peach, smashed pistachio and fresh mint on organic fruit loaf
Nook Urban Fresh Bar
Quinoa Porridge | Served with apple custard, semi dried bananas, cranberries, caramelised figs and coconut chips
Nook Urban Fresh Bar
Yogurt with Museli
Nook Urban Fresh Bar
Chai Tea Latte

How best to describe the food at Nook Urban Fresh Bar?  Natural, organic, fresh, homely, but on top of all that, indulgent.   Every dish that hits the table is a piece of art, delicately constructed to look as good as it tastes.  When my “Sweeten me Up” hit the table I knew that this would be the most beautiful breakfast dish I’d ever have.  Another highlight of the breakfast was the chai tea latte. ninjaeats mentioned it was one of the best she’s ever had!



The service here is your average order from the counter experience, so there’s not much involvement with the staff directly.  Meals were a little slow to arrive to the table, however the place is very busy.

Pricing and Value for Money


Great food at a great price.  What more could you want?

The Details

Where: 4/83 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Contact: (02) 9299 5050

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 7PM – 4PM

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