Lotte World – the mini Disneyland of Seoul

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Recognize this brand of cookie goods?

You might not have know it, but the Lotte Company doesn’t just make sweets. Just like Hyundai is not only a car manufacturer but also has chains of departments store in S. Korea, the Lotte Company also has it’s own department store, shopping marts, hotel, baseball team  and… amusement park?

Lotte World is a giant beast of an indoor theme park, and even though it’s inside, there is plenty of space for some fast rides to fuel my adrenaline rush. Too bad I found out that Talyssa hasn’t been on many roller coasters before and is semi-scared of them… too baddddd~ lol :)

Giant Loop? Oh yeah~ <3

What shit hot holiday wouldn’t have a roller coaster in it? I’m no means a thrill seeking eer “junkie” but I have a rule: to absolutely go on every fast ride there is in a theme park. No ifs. No buts. No coconuts. Hmm… maybe the Big Drop-kind. And if I’m paying $$ to enjoy myself at an amusement park I expect at least ONE rollercoaster aye (mega death stare at chuu Luna Park Sydney! Blah).

As with many theme parks (except for you Lunar Park, Jamberoo and ex-Wonderland Sydney!), Lotte World has many shows that run throughout the whole day. They had parades with their own mascot characters, performance shows as well as gift stores, Korean folk museum and a retail section. And by retail, I mean you can buy Etude House and Holika Holika cosmetics, just in case you screw up your makeup on the rides I guess…?

The children ride section modeled as a European backdrop.
Performers playing with the audience.
Some things are not that kid safe
Flower Power

This month’s theme was Flower Festival. Even in the coldest month of winter, Lotte World decorated the interior with many colourful beds of real flower.

So after a few rides we headed to the Garden Stage for an acrobatic performance. You can tell Lotte World put a good deal of effort into their shows hiring many overseas dancers, actors and marital artists. It was really fun seeing the tricks they did with the audience like high-kick acts popping 10 balloons at once.

looks nice right?

One of the things you will notice at theme parks in S. Korea is the emphasis of couple items and couple activities. I swear, if you do not have a BF in Seoul’s amusement parks you will cry at every area you enter, at every resting spot with table and chairs, at all the gift stores and just feel like you will NEED to find someone asap because it is redoinkulous how many couples there are in one spot and you being the mood-bomber in every encounter. Moments ruined by Siree and Talyssa: 1 gillion.

You can have hot balloon rides indoors?!

So running around Lotte World would leave you pretty hungry – a hunger that hotdogs and sugar popcorn can’t satisfy. Lucky for us Lotte World gives you not only carni-food options like Pluto pups, chips and takoyaki (yeah, of course takoyaki is carni-food :P) but some real food like fusion pasta, steak, roast chicken, fruit smoothies and Korean food! Yipee no gilt over binge eating!

Possibly the smartest thing an amusement park can offer its visitors, a nice wholesome meal.

Though Lotte World is a building, it also has an outdoor area with a very questionable castle towering over the mote.

Reality of winter outdoors.

Though we ventured to the outdoors quite late, we didn’t mind since a lot of the rides were of the same nature as the small inside ones. The only exception was this…

The Atlantis ride. Makes dying fun at 72km per hour. We had to go-go-go! The line-up was massive. Almost a 1½ hour wait and Talyssa was freaked every time we got closer and closer. The only thing I was worried about was windburn on my face! My face during this trip was one flaky mess and burned no matter what moisturizer I used due to the chill winter wind that no scarf or mask could protect me against. So imagine 72km per hour winds lapping at my already tender face! Imagine all the S. Korean girls wearing mini skirts and summer shorts with no leggings in frosty winter lining up! You crazah!

Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as initially thought and Talyssa survived, so we can go again next time! lol But seriously, Seoul ladies, I don’t know how you do it.

Final ride of the night overlooking the night time lights.

How to get there:

Take a train to Jamsil Station on Line 2. From there you can get to Lotte World using Exit 4.

Map of the park

Lotte World’s Map


  • Go on a weekday. Even though S. Korea human traffic is still quite packed even on a Monday, the weekends are waaay worse.
  • The performance schedules are available at the information desk. Pick one up from there so you can time you rides with the shows.
  • You will be waiting in line, a lot! And with said human traffic, lines can be a 45 min wait and maybe longer on the popular rides. There is a Magic Pass which works like a Fast Pass at Disneyland except you must purchase this as an admin ticket on entry not from a ticket machine at the roller coaster. It’s a bit more expensive but definitely worth it.
  • Something interesting I found was that it is a standard everywhere at Seoul’s amusement parks that REQUIRES you to have your bags and anything you have on you BROUGHT ONTO THE RIDE WITH YOU when you sit down in the ride itself. Here in Australia, before everyone goes on a ride they must leave their possessions on the opposite side behind a marked line so no one is carrying anything but in Seoul, you HAVE TO bring your bag on the ride and if you ask if you can leave it on the exit side, they will say no. Even the roller coasters have a place to put your bags in but tends to be a large mesh bag that doesn’t even close! So bring a secure closed bag if you can (a bag pack even better) or you can rent a locker to place your stuff inside. Lockers are available to rent inside Lotte World for a small fee.


Visit Lotte World’s website for more information.


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