Miracle Youth: A TL;DR Guide to Japanese Collagen Products

Love your skin and give it the best care with these collagen supplements.

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Stop the hands of time and drink this wine!

You might be familiar with my gushing of the magic that is Japanese collagen products, promising longer lasting beauty by regenerating the appearance of youthful looking skin.

With dedicated shelves like shrines to this beauty supplement, here’s a run down of what this stuff is and my rumble opinion of the best products to get.


So where does collagen come from?

Unfortunately, collagen products are not vegan/vegetarian friendly. The four main sources of hydrolyzed collagen found in supplements are bovine (cow), porcine (pig), chicken, and marine (fish) collagen. Most collagen products are either pig or fish collagen based so #themoreyouknow.


Types of Collagen Products

The current line up of collagen beauty supplements come in the form of tablet capsules, powder, jelly and drinks.

As I’m not a big fan of swallowing unnecessary pills, I chose to focus on the latter.


Powder Form

This form is a powdery white grain collagen that has no smell and is tasteless for maximum enjoyment.

I am seriously impressed at the advancement in production since my first encounter drinking this type as I feel companies are really trying to improve their formulas to help customers enjoy consuming their products more. These powder forms can be either fish or pork collagen based.

Personally this is my favourite type because you can joy it mixed in a variety of drinks and the size of the bag is enough to last a month. As it is in dry form, it also lasts longer should you only choose to drink it every so often making this type very cost effective.

Currently I am enjoying the Orihiro brand’s Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid. Meiji’s Premium Amino Collagen range is also great too.


Collagen jellies come in a week supply packaging were eating one a day is sufficient enough to get your daily dose for beauty.

This one is particularly interesting because it uses man-made pork placenta extract hence the tasty name “Placenta C Jelly” and is fruit flavoured to mask any potential unpleasant smell or taste. Although it’s nice to know your sweet tooth treat has an extra benefit than a simple sugar rush, I feel it’s not the greatest option if you want the long term benefits of collagen as part of your beauty routine.



Supplement drinks are concentrated mixtures for on-the-go people and comes in calorie free sweetened flavours.

As you will need to drink one per day these bottles are so popular they come in larger quantity packs for daily use. Although I do like drinking these, they are a little bit expensive to drink regularly than the powder form but as a fun drink suggestion, I’ve seen mocktail drinks using these as a mixer if you want to try something a bit fancy.

My favourite is the Shiseido’s The Collagen and Chocola BB range (another skin care supplement drink but with no collagen ingredients.)


If you have any favourite collagen products feel free to let me know below!

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