FML: The Witching Hour

Haunting over and over again.

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It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus

A silence lures me as night’s magic brews

Captive spirits walk amongst things not pure

The days grow cold and darkness falls

My shivers warn through the nothingness


They say the darkness tricks you with its secrets

The creeping fog will leave no trail if left behind

When the witching hour strikes on All Hallow’s Eve

Romper: BNKR | Ring: House of Harlow | Necklace: H&M | Hat: Overseas (Korea)

Channeling some inner witchery, the month of October is probably the best time to bust out some hocus pocus and upgrade your everyday look with a slight magic touch. A bit of glitter shimmer cast over the eyelids, some costume jewellery that charms like a spell. The festive air brings the occasion to celebrate the inner cheeky devil in us all.

Speaking of styling, the cut of this BNKR playsuit is pure witchcraft garb magic. I love how the sleeves flow from the collar and ends in high elongated cuffs for dramatic flow. It’s become one of my favourite online stores to browse and feel inspired!

What was your halloween outfit this year?

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  1. fdchief218 says

    Wow! That’s stunning, Siree! Bewitching, indeed. I’m with you about loving the flow of the sleeves and the dramatic cuffs. I love the texture of the fabric, too; it just looks like it feels rich and heavy in the hand.

    I’m curious to know what shoes you paired with this; sandals, flats, pumps? It’s such a complex outfit that maybe something simple, like black pumps would work best.

    But whatever, this is utterly gorgeous.

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