Review: Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner

A instant cooling toner for tired skin perfect for a hot summer.

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Cool, but not *that* cool

"It delivers an instant cooling effect for tired skin in hot summer to lower the temperature of your skin as well as our earth."

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Summer is well in effect here in Tokyo and to escape the heat, I thought I would road test one of the most interesting beauty products I’ve seen so far: the Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner.

With a tagline that promises not only to cool you down in summer but also being environmentally friendly, I ask, what magic does putting on this toner aid in lowering the temperature of our earth exactly?

Well, Innisfree, priding itself as a natural environmentally-friendly brand hopes the introduction of these products will help reduce the use of air conditioners during the simmering summer months. While I am a bit pessimistic at the bold claim to stay cool on a searing 40 degree, high humidity day without a need for a fan or air con for sweet relief, I can relate to the satisfying feeling of getting rid of the day’s grime with a cooling toner.


When dispensing the product, I was surprised at what came out. The product released a spongy, silly string like foam that was soaked in a bubbly water based toner for easy direct usage. True to word, it was very cool to the touch and really moist.

Product Design

The smart design of this silly string is that it replaces cotton pads for application.

The sponge-like foam not only eliminates the extra need for cotton pads to apply, but it can be stretched and pulled without breakage. A good squirt of this foam goes a long way as it holds quite a lot of product and it definately is fun to play with when moulding with your fingertips.


 Cooling effect

The cooling sensation from this product leaves you feeling a mild cool, much like the sensation after touching an ice cube, and the cooling effect does last for a brief minute or so after applying. Don’t expect for a long lasting cooling effect though!

This “Cooling” seems to be the IT buzz word in Korean cosmetic products these days and it’s specifically created for the summer time only so don’t expect to see these little guys being available all year round.


Have you tried the Innisfree Eco Ice Cotton Toner?

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  1. Face to Curls says

    That’s an interesting texture for a toner. Not sure it’s something I could get use to or even enjoy using but it does sound like a fairly decent product.

    Ann-Marie |

    1. Siree says

      Thanks for your comment Ann-Marie!
      Haha it’s definitely fun to play with for sure ;)


  2. Mica says

    It sounds like an interesting product! Especially the texture! I’m with you though, don’t think I could get through 40+ degree summer days without aircon, as cooling as this may be!

    Hope you are having an awesome week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Siree says

      Thanks Mica!
      Hope you are having a great week too :)


  3. Christine Kong says

    Oh wow, of course the Asian countries would come out with something like this that is fun, “cool,” and environmentally friendly. What a concept, and it looks fun to use. This is a brand I saw all over Korea when I was there. Sounds very interesting. xoxo, Christine

    1. Siree says

      Thanks for stopping by Christine!
      I know right! I love how Korea makes such interesting concepts for their products :D


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